Training Horses to Training People

Just Believe was established in 2018 and previously operated as an equine training facility for starting reining, cutting, trail, and cow horse disciplines while developing a broad understanding of various horses and dispositions. Acting as a youth haven for local teens and young adults, there was a growing need for more interactive programming.

Just Believe exists to provide diverse outdoor experiences to youth from inner cities and at risk youth in urban communities. Our mission is to break the mold of traditional diversion programs, shed new light on sporting and outdoor activities, and to create interest in the pursuit of adventures not normally provided by after school programs.


Our goal is to create mentorship relationships that groom young men and women to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and become less reliant on their circumstances for confidence and feedback. We want to soften the effects of withdrawn parental guidance while reducing juvenile detention rates. Our expressed interest in inner city demographics is a major vantage point for this program.


The solution is to create an environment with a focal point on building positive impactful relationships amongst peers through common interest. We want to create positive experiences through confidence building tasks and encouragement that will carry youth throughout a lifetime. We will do this by providing access to an array of outdoor activities that will challenge and groom young men and women outside of their comfort zones. Just Believe operates primarily through equine assistance incorporating discovery activities used to branch out to other outdoor opportunities. Our use of animals and the outdoors creates challenges and skills that develops into confidence and transfers to a desire. When this desire is groomed, attitudes are changed.


This is both a diversion program for those on the edge of failing themselves, as well as a privilege based activity for those needing to explore their abilities. Each student involved will pull from and contribute to the program. By participating and learning content, students have the opportunity to reiterate their learning and pay forward their gained knowledge to those just beginning the program. A child that knows they are needed can learn to evaluate their worth and begin to see the value of their contributions.