How important is your contribution?

It takes a village! Non-Profits run solely from assets earned within the company, donations, grants, and fundraisers. We have a goal for this program to be self sustaining within the first year. We are eagerly excited about our return from our first crop of colts and fillies, the outcome of our community garden, as well as the result of the fundraisers scheduled for this coming summer.

We are making efforts to teach young men and women how to turn a profit from the land and talents that they already possess. We are in need of staffing. We love our volunteers and welcome them with open arms, however nothing says commitment like compensation for hard work. As we continue to grow it will be a necessity to keep a full time crew. We are in need of another trailer as we are currently making multiple trips from our ranch to our inner city locations. Once we reach our trailer goal our plan is to sell the current one to help fund other areas of our mission , such as proper riding attire, tack, and stock up on feed for our equine to counterparts to cover us in the event of drought or hay shortage.

Our program has grown greatly in a short amount of time. We have selected a number of guest speakers and field trips this summer and would like all of our kids to have the same opportunities as their peers to participate, no matter their parent involvement or income. Your contributions are a step in the joined effort it takes to introduce these future leaders to all of life's possibilities.