Teach Your Creature

As a second step to Cowboys On Concrete in this program students will have an advanced opportunity to interact with horses. Once students have met all prerequisite requirements, students have the chance to dive in and learn how to teach a horse. With accessibility to rescue and slaughter-bound horses, we will have the opportunity to rejuvenate life to horses deemed "at risk" and watch a change in horses that became victims to their circumstances and surroundings. We teach skills that will add value to the horse and potentially give it a shot at finding a new home. This portion also serves as part of a fundraiser to grow the program.


This is open to any youth learning the art of horsemanship. Here, our goal is to merge relationships between inner city youth and urban community youth with the common goal of becoming a better horseman. We strive to create a positive crowd and a positive environment. We will utilize clinical time to learn to train our horses and evaluate our own problem solving skills.