"I can't say enough good things about Jamon. He is fun, creative, and engaging. After my daughters first lesson with him. she had a wonderful week at school and was even more respectful at home because she wanted to go back. From her first lesson to her second lesson her confidence was like night and day. She was a bit shy at her first lesson, but quickly became comfortable because of Jamon's warm personality. It's not your typical strict scheduled lesson; it's fun and interactive and at times hard. My daughter loves that she doesn't have to use a step stool to get onto Khaki because Jamon gave her the skills and confidence to figure out how to do it on her own. He likes the kids to sue their problem solving skills and make them really think about how to solve an issue. We are really bummed that he is leaving the Abilene area and it will be hard to find someone even half as wonderful as he has been."

- Joslynn, Kylie and Lillian

"My daughter, Madison, has been in love with horses ever since she could express that to her father and me. Her infatuation with horses was so much that she thought she was a horse at age 4 and broke her collar bone acting like one! We crushed her dreams after that letting her know she was not a horse and that she could only ride a horse but not give rides like a horse.

Throughout the years, we searched for horses at carnivals, rodeos, farms, etc... for her to ride. Finally, this year an opportunity arose with our friend recommending Jamon Turner for horse lessons. Angel, my friend, knew I wanted Madison to experience this for many reasons besides Madison's love of horses. Madison is very outgoing, funny, smart, and outspoken at home, but the total opposite at school and on her volleyball team. She let others (adults and peers) treat her poorly because she would not stand up for herself. I hoped horse lessons would show her that she HAD to speak up to let the horse know what to do and follow her lead. I was not wrong!

I couldn't think of a better match up for Madison to have as a trainer than Jamon Turner. He is calm, funny, easy going (personality), positive, and very knowledgeable about horses (training and caring for). Madison's first lesson was exactly what I expected. She was nervous and shy. But... by the end of the lesson, she was laughing and talking because Jamon knew she needed to get relaxed y having a "spa day" for her horse. little did she know she was learning things as she was having fun. Madison was taught every part of the saddling process before riding, including brushing and hoof care. this is very important to learn, so she could follow instructions as she rode. Jamon implemented games to help teach parts of saddle and riding techniques, which allowed her to have fun as she learned. If Madison became unsure or embarrassed about not knowing something, Jamon would make her feel at ease and never put her down about her lack of knowledge or self. This is what was important to us, so in turn, each lesson Madison improved in riding, caring, and showing her true personality to Jamon.

I have noticed a dramatic change in how Madison has transformed personally in the pen and outside it. Madison's self-esteem has positively changed. she is more outspoken, which she had to be in order to tell the horse what to do. Madison also had more confidence in her decision making outside of lessons into real life, as well, because she needed to be when riding her horse. at school and during volleyball, she has shown a tremendous amount of self-worth because Jamon has taught her that through horse lessons.

We would recommend Jamon Turner as a trainer to anyone who is looking for lessons in horse riding and in life. I can't say enough good things about his training techniques, professionalism, and love of life which pours into his work! he is hardworking and dedicated to his trainees. I  wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors of his new program Just Believe! Jamon will be missed!"

- Sarah Christopher

"Jamon is one of the most loving and caring people I know. Being a military family, It is hard to really connect with people sometimes and get the support that you need, but God was looking out for us when he put Jamon Turner in our lives. It's not only about horse riding lessons with Jamon - it's so much more. He's been teaching my daughter respect in a way that I couldn't. My daughter is s stubborn, strong-willed, child and he has shown her that there is always something new to learn. As long as I've tried to teach her this, she wasn't hearing it from me. With Jamon, though, she has truly become a "teachable" young lady. Jamon has instilled discipline in my daughter through his interactions with her, and has reinforced this by teaching her all that it takes to care for horses. Plus, Jamon makes the lessons a lot of fun for both the students, as well as the parents who are watching. Beyond his mentorship to my daughter, he has also touched my 15-year-old son, who has Autism. My son does not open up very easily and had never been on a horse. Jamon is the only person in the world who has ever been able to get him to get on one. I could go on and on, but I'll just wrap up by saying that Jamon is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and his love for the youth and passion for teaching has truly changed the hearts and minds of both of my children."

- Angel

"I am writing in regards to the after school program that Jamon Turner developed at my sons school for 2016-2017.

This program has been very beneficial to my child, Ethan, who has learned self discipline, active listening skills, leadership skills, and how to gain horsemanship skills, and hard work, while involving the Lords word in the process.

Jamon has been very diligent in his work with Ethan, and I have seen Ethan grow from Jamon's confidence in him. I would highly recommend Jamon, as he has been such a positive influence in my child's life."

Thank you!

- Calie Spurger