Kids with Calf

Youth Programs

Relationship building is a fundamental tool in the rehabilitation process. Many times we see youth that are in with the wrong crowd. Our effort contributes to creating a positive relationship in a positive environment.

Each program is designed to target different groups of youth. With instruction, guidance, and trade building, students are encouraged to learn as well as become the teacher in each discipline of Just Believe.

Cowboys On

This program is designed to teach and cultivate horsemanship safety skills, along with imparting knowledge about riding tack, horse anatomy, caring for horses, and creating a bond with the horse.

Teach Your

This program is designed as a second step to Cowboys On Concrete. Students will have advanced opportunity to interact with horses. Once they have met all prerequisite requirements, students have the change to dive in and learn how to teach a horse.

Why Not

Here we have a portion dedicated to motivation, from motivational speaking, to challenging youth to reach for things that do not seem obtainable because of their environment.